Other Pet Boarding

All Pets Deserve Luxury Accommodations!

At All Star Pet Resort, we know how important pets are to our parents, no matter the species. We are proud to offer overnight boarding for birds, guinea pigs and other exotic pets in the Egg Harbor area. We do everything we can to ensure your pet’s stay is as comfortable as possible. You are more than welcome to bring a select number of toys and nonperishable treats to make their stay even more relaxed.

Woman hugging her cockatoo


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Guinea pig poking its head out of a hole

Exotics Boarding Pricing

  • Birds - $18
  • Guinea Pigs - $18
  • Other Pets* - $18

*Please contact us if you have an exotic pet other than a bird or a guinea pig to discuss availability. You may be asked to bring your own enclosure. Bring any food, treats, or bedding your exotic pet may need.